unit 4,Lesson 6,exc2а

Оригинальный текст:
1. What’s your secret - what do you do after you play a match?

2.Have you ever made mistakes in what clothes to put on?

3. What will your children do when they grow up?

4. Do you take care of your skin?

5. Who helps you choose the clothes you wear?



1. Какова Ваша тайна - что Вы делаете после того, как Вы сыграли матч?

2. Вы когда-либо делали ошибки в выборе одежды?

3. Что сделают Ваши дети, когда вырастут?

4. Вы заботитесь о коже?

5. Кто помогает Вам выбрать одежду, которую Вы носите?

lesson 8. the pleasures of imagination

hand the text and explain its title.

the pleasures of imagination

after paul bloom'

how do americans spend their leisure time? the answer might surprise you. the most common activity is not eating or drinking. it, is not socializing with friends, participating in sports, or relaxing with the family.

our main leisure activity is participating in experiences that we know are not real. when we are free to do whatever we want we turn to the imagination - to worlds