Стр. 37, упр. 1 a)

1. Career.
2. Job.

Стр. 37, упр. 1 b)

To move up the ladder of advancement presupposes that you will work more than forty hours in a week, the time a n ordinary working day includes.

Стр. 40, упр. 3 a)

1. If I had an evening off, I would go to a party.
2. If I had a chance to be on a reality show, I would choose a show where my interpersonal skills can help me to win.
3. If my friend were asked to describe me with one word, they would say creative.
4. These sentences tell us about hypothetical situations.
5. They tell us about unreal present.

Стр. 40, упр. 3 b)

All sentences above go with the second formulae.

Стр. 41, упр. 4 a)

a) had, would take up.
b) would be, were.
c) worked, would get.
d) had, would need.
e) wanted, would have.
f) would get, tried.
g) would be, were.
h) would be, involved.

Стр. 41, упр. 5 a), b)

If all jobs paid 2$ an hour, I would be a photographer. But I don't think that it is a good piece of advice because it is impossible that all jobs were paid the same salary. Different jobs involve different responsibilities thus the salary depends on this fact obviously.