Стр. 51, упр. 1 a) Listening.

Стр. 51, упр. 1 b) After listening exercise.

Стр. 51, ynp. 2 a)

I think that a young millionaire made right decisions and now I think he has got enough experience.

Стр. 52, упр. 2 b) с)

I agree with Japson P. and Popstar because he is a child and it's better to enjoy childhood instead of earning money and doing business all the time, but anyway I respect this boy for his creative and analytical thinking.

Стр. 53, ynp.3

• If everyone were a millionaire there wouldn't be proper economics in the world.
• If there were no teachers in the world people wouldn't be educated.
• If all people were nurses there wouldn't be patients in the world.
• If we all had two heads we would be twice smart.
• If the world were flat we all would be neighbours.
• If time travel were possible people would travel all the time instead of working.
• If everyone were telepathic we wouldn't use mobiles and other gadgets to know the news.
• If all people could choose their ideal jobs the world would be much happier.