Стр. 60, ynp. 1 a)

The lumberjack is proud of having cut down forests in the Sahara.

Стр. 60, упр. 2 b)

The answer is 3.

Стр. 60, упр. 2 c)

I wouldn't like to work as a lumberjack because I don't like such a job, it's a manual labour but I prefer some intellectual one.

Стр. 61, упр. 2 a)

Pollution, resource depletion, conservation, nuclear issues, climate change, waste, ozone depletion.

Стр. 61, yпр. 2 b) Listening.

Стр. 61, упр. 2 c) After listening exercise.

Стр. 62, упр. 2 d) Listening.

Стр. 62, упр. 3 a)

1. Biodiversity.
2. Extinct.
3. Interdependent.
4. Deforestation.
5. Aware.
6. Valuable.

Стр. 62, упр. 3 b)

Environment, aware, interdependent, climate change, ozone depletion, nuclear, waste, resource depletion, pollution, extinct, conservation.

Стр. 62, упр. 2 d)

Big impact, seriously damage, interdependent issues, extreme conditions, threatening change, noise pollution, hazardous waste, nuclear plants, valuable resource, tropical areas, environmental balance, endangered species.