Стр. 85, yпр. 1 a)

The word is 'ocean'.

Стр. 85, ynp. 1 b)

Most of all I liked the saying from Koran.

Стр. 85, ynp. 2 a)
1. Yes
2. No
3. No
4. No
5. Yes
6. No
7. No
8. Yes

Стр. 86, упр. 2 c)
a) — 3
b) — 6
c) — 5
d) — 2
e) — 1
f) — 3
g) — 8
h) — 4

Стр. 86, ynp.3 а), b) c) Listening

Стр. 86, упр. 4 с)

1. If dinosaurs hadn't become extinct, there wouldn't have people on the planet.
2. If people hadn't destroyed so many forests, there wouldn't have been so many ecological problems.
3. If carbon dioxide emissions hadn't been so big, there wouldn't be a greenhouse effect.
4. If the biodiversity of the Amazon hadn't been reduced, there wouldn't be so many extinct species.
5. If human population hadn't grown so much, the natural resources would have saved.
6. If poachers hadn't killed so many rare animals, there wouldn't have been so many extinct animals.
7. If people hadn't polluted the water in the oceans and seas, there wouldn't have been water pollution.
8. If people had started thinking about the environment at the times of Industrial Revolution, they wouldn't have damaged the Earth so much.