Стр. 107, упр. 1

This picture symbolizes Australia that is situated at the end of the world in other words down under.

Стр. 107, упр. 2

1, 6, 80, 200, 80%, 1/3, 6,2, 3, 100%, 36,735 km., 7000 beaches, 25 degrees, 150 million, 1700s, 19th century.

Стр. 110, упр. 5

• Completely all facts about Australia were new to me.
• The most striking fact was to know that in Australia there are about 200 millions of kangaroos.
• I would like to share with my classmates the facts about the Saltwater Crocodile and the biggest oyster in the world.
• This statement tells about how interesting the country Australia is and how many strange and wonderful exist in it.

Стр. 111, упр. 6 b)

A. — Hello, friend. Are you playing football today?
B. — No, I'm going to a Barbecue out of town. There will be a lot of sweet drinks, and good food. Why don't you come too?
C. — Thank you, but I'm busy in the afternoon. I'm going to see my girlfriend. She is ill.
D. — Well done, friend.
E. — Good bye.