Стр. 146 упр. 1 a)

Prom — promenade, WWII — World War II, UN — United Nations, EU — European Union, CIS — Commonwealth of Independent States.

Стр. 147 упр. 2 b)

Global citizenship applies the whole world to bring world peace and the concept of citizenship to a global level and is strongly connected with the concepts of globalization and cosmopolitanism. World citizenship is a related term which can be distinguished from global citizenship, although some may merge the two concepts[citation needed]. Various ideas about what a global citizen is exist. Global citizenship can be defined as a moral and ethical disposition which can guide the understanding of individuals or groups of local and global contexts, and remind them of their relative responsibilities within various communities. The term was used by U.S. President Obama in 2008 in a speech in Berlin.

Стр. 149 упр. 3 a)

I think that in our country such a problem does not exist.

Стр. 149 упр. 3 b)

I agree with B. and С opinions.

Стр. 150 упр. 3 c)

'To blame' means to assign responsibility for a fault or wrong.

Стр. 150 упр. 3 d)

I think that it is not the educational system to blame, it depends only on the person whether to get knowledge or not.

Стр. 150 упр. 4

I would love to take up Applied Arts, Foreign languages, Social Studies, Computers. I think that knowledge of these subjects can make me a citizen of the world.