Стр. 152 упр. 4 a) b)

1. Belarusian hockey teams play at Minsk Arena tonight. Admission fee is visitor's voluntary donations. The sum of money will be given to the orphan asylum.
2. Today in the morning all interurban and suburb trains stopped. In Minsk the workers went on strike demanding high salary and comfortable working conditions.
3. The exhibition centre "Stolitsa" fest a birthday today. Famous Belarusian artists take part in this arrangement. All visitors will be thrilled with 50% discounts and all children will be given sweets from Belarusian factory "Komunarka" and "Spartak". Do not miss such an occasion.
4. "Be very attentive on the road" — warn traffic police. In Gomel region a lot of accidents were fixed. The guilty in all accidents were simple rabbits who crossed the road to get to the field planted with carrots.