Стр. 204, упр. 1

1. false 3. true 5. false

2. false 4. false 6. false Стр. 204, упр. 2 a)b)Listening.

Стр. 204, упр. 3

1. Play video games, watch television, listen to music, summer camp, play basketball, hanging out with friends, go shopping, bowling, computer games or Internet.

2. Dating and relationship classes, swimming lessons, coping with teen depression, anger management.

3. I can do anything else.

4. Friends.

Стр. 205, упр. 4b)

First of all I would like to say that I currently participate in school sports. However I find time to hang out with friends and moreover play computer games or sit in the Internet. Besides I spend all summer time with my family travelling in some foreign countries. However I must admit that if I had more free time I would like to join cycling club and English classes. Finally, I also have a dream to take up canoeing though my parents won't allow me participate.