Стр. 206, упр. 1

1. I'm too tired today.

2.1 have argued with my friends.

3.1 have a headache.

4.1 have a lot of homework today.

5.1 need to help my parents.

Стр. 187, упр. 2 a)
Стр. 206, упр. 2 а)Ь)

A. — 6 D. — 9 G. — 3

B. — 7 Е. — 1 Н. — 4

C. — 8 F. — 2 I. — 5 Стр. 208, упр. Зс)

• Sometimes I feel bored. So to get rid of bored I call to my close friend and we meet together and spend time together.

• I find the idea about arranging a comedy party at home the most exciting and enjoyable. The idea about counting the stars is not new at all. The idea playing with kids wouldn't entertain me at all.

• I would recommend to check out free events at his area because it's better to go out and have some fun instead of being alone and get bored.

Стр. 208, упр. За)

1.from 3.with 5. about 7. on

2. on 4. of 6. to 8. from

Стр. 209, упр. ЗЬ)

1. true 3. false 5. true 7. true

2.true 4.true 6.true 8.true

Стр. 208, упр. 4a)

About, of, with, to, from, at, to, up, for, in, at, about, of, in, of, for, about, at, up, to, with, on, with, to, about/of, on, on, about.