Стр. 255 упр. la)

• These logos present different social nets. I know that these social nets are most famous all over the world and I have my account in 3 of them.

• Similar websites are odnoklassniki, Vkontakte. I can but it's better not to translate these names into my language. I suppose that they are quite appropriate for the services they provide.

• These numbers mean the quantity of people who use them.

• I suppose that the most popular social net is facebook.

Стр. 255 упр. 2

This article is about social net 'Facebook' and the importance of communicating using social network. Стр. 257 ynp.3

1. prejudice; 2. cliques; 3. multimedia; 4.notion; 5. concealed; 6 collective consciousness; 7. primarily. Стр. 257 упр. 4a)

1. True 5. True

2. False 6. True

3. False 7. True

4. True 8. True
Стр. 257 упр. 4b)

I quite agree with the statements in ex. 4a.

Стр. 257 упр. 5a)

Стр. 258 упр. 5b)

1. The social nets became so popular because they help people to socialize, to make new friends.

2. I am registered on some of these services such as Facebook, My space com, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki. So I've got more than 500 friends and among them the greatest part is foreign friends.

3. I spend a lot of time communicating with them. I visit sites every day. Now I can't imagine a day without visiting the sites.

4. Friends online are different than those in life. In life there are only one or two close real friends.