Стр. 258 упр. 1

• Usually I go to the South during my summer holidays.

• I've been to summer camps many times but I've never been to an international summer camp.

• If I had such an opportunity to join an international summer camp, I would spend a lot of time with foreign friends communicating with them, sharing experience, broaden my outlook.

Стр. 259 упр. 2a)

It's an international summer school.

Стр. 259 упр. 2 b)

5. 6, 7.

Стр. 260 упр. 3 a)Exercise from the card.

Стр. 260 упр. 3b) Exercise from the card.

Стр. 261 упр.Зс) Exercise from the card.

Стр. 261 ynp.4 Exercise from the card.