Стр. 280 упр. 1

• Newspapers, TV and other people influence my opinion.

• I find information from the Internet most relevant.

• My opinion can be changed only by obvious significant proofs.

Стр. 280 упр. 2a)

American character is described here. Positive traits: ambitious, democratic, intelligent. Negative traits: brash, insular, lazy.

Стр. 281ynp. 3b)

First he was admired with their sense of aspiration and he had a view of America that had been formed from movies and TV shows. Then he came to understand that American ideal is about values: freedom, the rule of law, democracy and if they want to achieve something they can do it only by their own efforts and hard work.

Стр. 282 ynp.4b)

In the text personal, possessive and demonstrative pronounce can be found.

Стр. 282 упр. 4c)

I — Tony Blair, that way — American way, that day — the exact day, one another — Clinton, Bush, Obama, they — Clinton, Bush, Obama, its challenges — countries challenges.

Стр. 282 ynp.5a)

Americans are devoted, democratic, intelligent, inspired, obsessive, heavy-handed, loud, insular, brash.